“Kam Global Strategies devised and implemented a media strategy that had investors knocking down our door. Our product, the world’s first metered-dose cannabis inhaler, was extensively covered in the world’s major financial press, including The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Bloomberg News and Bloomberg TV, in addition to literally hundreds of media outlets in throughout the US, China, the UK, France, Russia, Canada and Spain. If you want media –and a lot of it– Kam Global Strategies really knows how to get it.”

Perry Davidson
CEO, Syqe Medical


“Laura Kam’s years of experience and the strategic plan implemented for our initiative in Israel, contributed to the extraordinary success of the First Jerusalem Leaders Summit. Through the leadership of Laura Kam and the team at Kam Global Strategies, the strategic plan engaged media leaders and key stakeholders in Israel and beyond with great results. The major event in Jerusalem brought together leaders in business, media, think tanks and the political arena from Europe, Israel and the United States focusing on the economy, security and trade. We have seen Kam Global Strategies in action. Laura Kam strives for excellence with a focus on achieving goals and objectives. Our strategic partners in Europe and the United States are most grateful for her leadership and partnership!”

Joel Anand Samy
Co-Founder and President, International Leaders Summit, Senior Advisor, Heritage Foundation


“Laura Kam deeply understands the essence of US — Israel relations, as well as the interplay between Jewish organizations in the United States, Israel and the American media. Her understanding of the uses of public opinion research and her knowledge of how to relay precisely the correct information needed to move public opinion on a wide range of issues, has been a real asset to those seeking to enhance the US-Israel relationship.”

Sallai Meridor
Former Israeli Ambassador to the United States


“Laura and her team arranged interviews and background briefings for me with the most important media outlets in London, Brussels and Berlin. She was also able to use her wide range of contacts to set up meetings with top level government officials in those capitals at very short notice. Laura understands well the importance of framing messages in a way that captures the essence of a problem and how to deal with it.”

Ambassador Dennis Ross
Counselor, Washington Institute for Near East Policy


“Laura Kam literally knows Presidents, Prime Ministers, Ambassadors, Foreign Ministers and key reporters around the world. She is enormously creative, results driven and an outstanding professional. She can get press in pretty much any language in the world…and has done it time and again. I look forward to working together on projects again in the future.”

Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi,
Founder & President, Laszlo Strategies


“As head of a cross border investment platform with strong roots in China, I participated in a four day multi-city media tour initiated by Laura Kam to highlight the ways Israeli technology and R&D could meld with China’s rapid growth. The results were remarkable—the interviews Kam’s team arranged lead to over 200 articles published in the leading Chinese news and economic media. I also now have a bi-weekly column in China Entrepreneur, a leading Chinese business magazine due to the contacts Kam’s China team developed. Kam has a keen understanding how to promote Israel to the Chinese media and it works.”

Amir Gal-Or
CEO Infinity Group


“In Laura Kam’s almost two decades of work for the Anti-Defamation League in New York, Washington and Jerusalem she developed extremely close ties to the top media and those in power. Kam’s innate ability to connect to people, move our agenda forward in the media and organize events such as missions to Israel for top American leaders was a significant asset in helping ADL achieve its goals.”

Abraham Foxman
National Director, Anti-Defamation League


“Laura Kam built an India media outreach program from the ground up and it succeeded. Based on meticulous public opinion research she understood what would interest Indian journalists and used the most professional public relations techniques to get her messages into the elite Indian media.”

Ambassador Mark Sofer,
Former Israeli Ambassador to India


“As the leader of the activities of a Venture Capital fund in the Chinese market who has been involved in this market since 2004, I already had many connections in China – both in the business and media community. Thus, I was very surprised to see how capable was Laura Kam’s team in reaching the most respected publications and organized numerous interviews within several weeks – interviews that I was not able to arrange through my contacts, although very senior. I found that Laura’s team are ‘fluent’ in Israel, China and Media – Everything you need to do a great job in this sphere.”

Gil Kerbs
Former Associate and Manger of China operations – Teuza VC fund