Founded by strategic communications expert Laura Kam, Kam Global Strategies, a one-stop-shop for policy and business leaders who want to do business in Israel and for Israeli companies and organizational leaders who want to see results globally.

Kam Global Strategies can get your activities, products or messages into the traditional or new social media reaching millions.

To give you the most comprehensive service, our core team is made up of internationally experienced multi-lingual communications professionals based in Israel, Beijing and New Delhi. Our associates throughout Europe will help you break through to those markets.

You can get your information heard and read by leaders and decision makers.

Kam Global Strategies will implement targeted public relations strategies that are culturally nuanced, effective and winning.

Our services include international and strategic planning, media relations and outreach, individual and group trips to Israel for business- to-business connections and political networking. Our contacts come from the highest reaches of government, industry, finance and academia in Israel and in the world’s top-tier traditional and social media.

Kam, who pioneered The Israel Project’s work for seven years in China, India, Russia, Europe and on the issue of Iran as Executive Director for Global Affairs, has spent decades working with top press, politicians, diplomats and think-tanks from across the globe. She is now ready to help your business or organization succeed using the sophisticated communications strategies she has employed for decades.

Kam has the know-how to reach opinion makers electronically and through social media to over fifty-thousand journalists in 10 languages.

With pinpoint precision, Kam Global Strategies can get your message heard where it needs to be.

Kam’s work with the world’s leading pollsters, Stanley Greenberg PhD, Neil Newhouse and Frank Luntz PhD in China, India, Russia, Britain, France and Germany and US research of elites, voters and college students has enabled successful strategic communications efforts worldwide. Your company or organization can share in this success.

Prior to joining TIP, Kam worked for the Anti-Defamation League for 17 years, including as co-director of the ADL’s Israel office, and was responsible for all areas of media relations for the League’s Jerusalem office. She was also responsible for organizing missions that brought key U.S. Senators, members of Congress, Governors, state legislators, law enforcement officials, journalists and others to Israel.


Core Value

Israeli innovation and technology can help make the world a better place. From clean water to clean energy, from food security to homeland security — touting Israeli know how on a global scale is our mission. Kam Global Strategies will use the most sophisticated tools of strategic communications to provide our clients with individually designed and implemented programs and services to fit your business and organizational needs — and in the process contribute to the well-being for all.