With its growing economy and famed Start-up Nation mentality, Israel is increasingly the country to watch and forge new partnerships with.

Kam Global Strategies has access to Israel’s top business leaders in all fields: venture capital, communications, homeland security, medical technology, bio-technology, high-tech, nano-tech, agri-tech, green energy, space-technology and more. Israel’s most industrious innovators and innovations are within your reach.

We can help your company build powerful and trustworthy B to B relationships to help you achieve growth and success.

The highly connected professionals at Kam Global Strategies can help you reach your business goals by helping you build partnerships in investment, research, innovation and higher education.

Connect to China, the fastest growing market in the world.

Our team has had success in bringing top business leaders from China to meet with a variety of Israeli industry leaders and government officials to enhance business ties and shore up deals.

We have successfully placed stories about Israeli business innovations and opportunities in the vast and influential business pages of top Chinese and India media outlets and can do so for your company and product around throughout the world’s most influential publications catching the attention of business foreign business leaders who consume this elite media.

The Infinity Private Equity Fund, Tueza Venture Capital Fund and Jerusalem Venture Partners are just some of the major Israeli firms we have worked closely with on China related projects.

“I found that Laura’s team is ‘fluent’ in Israel, China and Media — everything you need to do a great job in this sphere.”

Gil Kerbs
Former Associate and Manger of China operations — Teuza VC fund


“As head of a cross border investment platform with strong roots in China, I participated in a four day multi-city tour initiated by Laura Kam to highlight the ways Israeli technology and R&D could meld with China’s rapid growth. The results were remarkable — the interviews Kam’s team arranged lead to over 200 articles published in the leading Chinese news and economic media. Kam has a keen understanding how to promote Israel to the Chinese media and it works.”

Amir Gal-Or
CEO Infinity Group