Whether traditional print and electronic media or social media worldwide, Kam Global Strategies can get your message to the specialized reporters in your field or to the masses through story positioning, background briefings or op-ed placements.

At Kam Global Strategies we understand the media market and use our strategic communications know-how to place your activities in the most appropriate venues including traditional media outlets and newer and emerging social media that reach millions.


Our work in China has included developing communications strategy for a fast growing media environment including media tours of Israeli business experts to meet with top tier Chinese media and leaders throughout the nation. Pro-Israel segments aired on CCTV and Xinhu and thousands of print media hits were achieved including in the People’s Daily, China Daily, Beijing Times, Economic Observer and 21 Century Business.


Our India team in New Delhi and Jerusalem has developed communications strategies for the Hindi, English and Urdu markets. We have successfully placed articles touting Israel-Indo cooperation in fields such as agri-tech and homeland security throughout the subcontinent and have arranged numerous off-the-record, relationship building briefings. In India our stories have been placed have placed in the top media Indian media including the Hindustan Times, Times of India, The Daily Milap, Urdu Alimi and The Pioneer.


Kam Global Strategies understands the complexities of the Russian media market. Our team has successfully placed stories in Kommersant, Everyday Journal, Moskovskii Komsomolets, Echo Moscow, Channel 1 Russia, Itar-TASS, Arms-TASS, ABN military news agency, RTV1 and many more.


Throughout Europe, in Brussels, France, Germany, the UK, Vienna or Portugal, in French, English, Spanish, German and Portuguese, we have relationships with journalists and speak their language. Our team has obtained thousands of media hits throughout Europe including on the BBC, France 24, Reuters, AFP, DPA, Le Monde, Der Speigel and more.

Kam Global Strategies is also able to access the top US media through their foreign bureaus. We have placed stories in The New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, CNN and more.

We can arrange background briefings with influential media and policy makers to develop relationships which will help get your message to the right people.


Our team knows the Israeli media and the foreign bureaus based here intimately.  We can place your stories in the Hebrew and English language media originating from one of the world’s most read about countries on earth.